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Most used home tools for drawing

Drawing is a creative art, which portrays a picture in a paper as an image. You can draw on a paper, blackboard, wall, floor among other surfaces. There is no definite place designated for drawing an office, a home or a recreational are can be a perfect place. What are some of the tools readily available at home to help in a drawing?

 Tape measure

At times, you want to draw a picture with specific measurements using a specified scale, this is where you need a ruler for straight lines or tape measure to give you the right measurements for the curve drawing. When drawing sketches, they may not be necessary.

 A pair of scissors

Once you have drawn and probably colored your picture you may want to do a cut out to give you an ideal picture of the real image. A knife will only be of help when you cutting straight lines but for curves, a pair of scissors will be the better option. They run all the cutting tasks in the drawing sessions.


A pencil is a basic home tool to draw the images on various surfaces. The unique advantage of using a pencil compared to a pen is that when you make mistakes you can easily erase. They are available in different colors to give you a colored frame of the image. Use a sharp pencil for a smooth and thin image for aesthetic purposes.

 Color pens/ Crayons

To add beauty to the images you have drawn, you can opt to color them to give you a realistic view of the ideal image. For example, when you draw a fruit and color it in red, automatically it will be a tomato but when you color it in orange color it will be the citrus fruit (orange). Color helps to give a convincing image of the natural product.


When you need to add contrast and provide some texture, paint is a better option than use of crayons or pencil colors. Some images are better portrayed in drawings through a change in the smoothness or roughness of the drawing, which is only possible when you use a paintbrush to paint the image with desirable colors based on reviews for customers . Have a variety of paint colors with different paintbrushes to ensure you do not have hues of colors. In addition, ensure you purchase color for the right surface.


A smartphone is our wallet. We carry it around for communication and other functions. Drawing is one such function. You can download and install various drawing applications and use a plan to draw your desired image using the cursor. The advantage of these applications they have several ideas based on the theme as a guide to draw a good image. At the same time, the applications have different colors to suit your desire.

You do not have to wait for a professional to help you run your drawing operations. Use readily available materials at home. Furthermore, when you have no idea of what to draw, look at your wallpapers, magazines and storage devices for concepts.