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How Cartoonists Can Use Digital Marketing To Get Clients

In our time, we all grew up with superhero comic series. Our generation had a blessing which people from the 16th Century did not have, though all of it started in caves, way long ago. They had this gift. They knew how to satirize establishment and power, which resulted in millions of cartoon, graffiti, tattoo, satire mags and comic series all over the world.

Our generation is drawing cartoons. It is a profession now. A few centuries ago, it was not. In the beginning, daily newspapers were hiring caricature artists, then came Walter Disney. He had to use hundreds of artists to draw a sequence of the same moving picture. But now, we have apps and software.

I am writing some tips for the cartoonist among us this afternoon. People whose brains have thousands of neurons enabling them to this kind of creativity, always lighting up with ideas.

Knowing the method of selling your ideas is as important as having them. You do have to sell them if you are planning to earn a living with your talent.

You begin at social media. It won’t always get your money. You will get clicks and likes, you will probably be hired by editors of newspapers if they notice you. Try your luck!

Start with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Myspace, Flickr etc. Some websites host artworks of new and unknown artists to help them sell. As an example,

You will have to build a portfolio. Having a website of your own is in the strategy, too. There are providers who will host your website with a domain name. It doesn’t always cost much.

Once you have your website, create a landing page there. It is for the people to see your artworks. Choose the most impressive ones and not a lot. You can use slideshows if you want to show them dozens of your cartoons. You can have a gallery to show all of them.

To drive traffic to your website, you will have to get the link shared in social media. Your friends and admirers shall help you out with that Eventually, you will reach the audience and have your fan base. They will share your work without asking.

Email is a cool aid, too. The quickest tool to bulk mail people is an email automation software. SendinBlue, ConstantContact, GetResponse, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign etc are some of this software with email features like that You don’t need to know how to send a large file through email, the automation software will do it for you.

There are people who receive more emails from websites than human beings. Do keep in mind that your email is not always going to have a click. But people will click if it is tempting enough. Compose your email that way, to not let people mark it as spam.

You will have to impress them with the subject line of your email, even before they click it Then, your content should cast a spell on them. Make sure to design it that way.

You have to professional at these things. Then, choose your genre. Political cartoons are different from cartoons for kids. You have to know which genre is the best for you.

When you are all set, probably a year or two after you began or even in a shorter time period, you can contact the newspaper editors if you want your cartoons to be in print. And I will say, cartoonize everything.

Cartoonize the whole world, because it deserves to be cartoonized. Exercise your rights as a cartoonist. Don’t spare Presidents, Prime Minister, corporations, film stars, business Magnets and even the McDonald’s.

Make way for your cartoons in this world, and make sure people are having their ice creams with YOUR cartoon in their hands.