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The Festival Cartoonist has set up numerous contests, taken over by most of the conventions. As such, there is the famous parade of cosplay which is now a flagship animation and must of the manga festivals, organized this year by the Yumeji Association.

After first broadcasting “amateur” films like “Les Bitoman” in the 90s, Cartoonist has also set up short film competitions so that creative fans can present their projects to the public.

Our karaoke contest is replaced by the Hadoteam karaoke tournament, which will be managed by the Hadoteam association. We invite singers and challengers to read their 2 very specific rules.


Here is the list of contest rules for the 2015 edition at the Corum, Palais des congrès de Montpellier!

  • Rules Cosplay
  • Parental authorization (-16 years)
  • Drawing Contest Rules
  • Short Films Contest