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Most used home tools for drawing

Drawing is a creative art, which portrays a picture in a paper as an image. You can draw on a paper, blackboard, wall, floor among other surfaces. There is no definite place designated for drawing an office, a home or a recreational are can be a perfect place. What are some of the tools readily available at home to help in a drawing?

 Tape measure

At times, you want to draw a picture with specific measurements using a specified scale, this is where you need a ruler for straight lines or tape measure to give you the right measurements for the curve drawing. When drawing sketches, they may not be necessary.

 A pair of scissors

Once you have drawn and probably colored your picture you may want to do a cut out to give you an ideal picture of the real image. A knife will only be of help when you cutting straight lines but for curves, a pair of scissors will be the better option. They run all the cutting tasks in the drawing sessions.


A pencil is a basic home tool to draw the images on various surfaces. The unique advantage of using a pencil compared to a pen is that when you make mistakes you can easily erase. They are available in different colors to give you a colored frame of the image. Use a sharp pencil for a smooth and thin image for aesthetic purposes.

 Color pens/ Crayons

To add beauty to the images you have drawn, you can opt to color them to give you a realistic view of the ideal image. For example, when you draw a fruit and color it in red, automatically it will be a tomato but when you color it in orange color it will be the citrus fruit (orange). Color helps to give a convincing image of the natural product.


When you need to add contrast and provide some texture, paint is a better option than use of crayons or pencil colors. Some images are better portrayed in drawings through a change in the smoothness or roughness of the drawing, which is only possible when you use a paintbrush to paint the image with desirable colors based on reviews for customers . Have a variety of paint colors with different paintbrushes to ensure you do not have hues of colors. In addition, ensure you purchase color for the right surface.


A smartphone is our wallet. We carry it around for communication and other functions. Drawing is one such function. You can download and install various drawing applications and use a plan to draw your desired image using the cursor. The advantage of these applications they have several ideas based on the theme as a guide to draw a good image. At the same time, the applications have different colors to suit your desire.

You do not have to wait for a professional to help you run your drawing operations. Use readily available materials at home. Furthermore, when you have no idea of what to draw, look at your wallpapers, magazines and storage devices for concepts.

Dogs For Cartoonist Artists

Dogs are four-legged domestic animals that can cohabit with human beings. Cartoonist Artists are artists that specialize in the creation of cartoons. There is a unique relationship between dogs and cartoonist artists in the sense that cartoonist artists draw several breeds of dogs in their cartoons.There are various breeds of dogs a cartoonist artist can draw. They include:

  1. American Foxhound:

The American Foxhound is a popular dog breed usually drawn by cartoonist artists. The American Foxhound is a dog that has adapted to living in the human environment for more than two centuries and they have made a lot of supplements to make sure to reduced pain in my puppy. The dog is popularly known for its stamina and passion for running. This is why it is one of the favorite dogs for cartoonist artists.

  1. The Bloodhound:

The bloodhound is one of the favorite dogs for cartoonist artists. The bloodhound is a very intelligent dog that is renown for its strong sense of smell. The dogs also have a very friendly nature. The bloodhound’s intelligence has made it very popular with law enforce ment organizations especially the police. The bloodhound is usually used for crime scene investigations as well as search and rescue operations. These among other reasons are responsible for its popularity with cartoonist artists.

  1. The Bulldog:

The Bulldog is another favorite dog for cartoonist artists. The Bulldog is a gentle dog known for its big mouth and strong teeth. The Bulldog is very popular with humans, this is why cartoonist artists love to draw cartoons of the bulldog.

  1. The Collie:

The Collie dog is another dog that is popular with cartoonist artists. It is an intelligent dog renowned for its loyalty and ability to understand its owner’s needs. The Collie dog is a good dog for family companionship. These among other reasons is why the collie appears in several cartoons.

  1. The Doberman Pinscher:

The Doberman Pinscher is a dog breed that is popular with cartoonist artists. The Doberman Pinscher is a highly intelligent and energetic dog, popularly used for law enforcement and search and rescue operations. The Doberman Pinscher is a dog popularly used as a family guardian. This is why it is a popular dog for cartoonist artists.

  1. The German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd is a very popular dog breed for cartoonists artists. It is a very intelligent and energetic dog. The German Shepherd appears in so many dog cartoons because of its courage. The dog is also renowned for its versatility and ability to easily understand what it is trained to do. It is usually used as a guide and assistant dog for the handicapped as well as law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

  1. The Greyhound:

The Greyhound is a dog that is popularly drawn in cartoons. The Greyhound is famous with cartoonist artists because of its speeds. The Greyhound is the fastest dog, that is why it is a popular dog for cartoonists artists. They are usually used by humans as racing dogs and to participate in other dog sports. Any cartoonist artist making drawings of dog sports will definitely draw the Greyhound.

Cartoonist As A Pingpong Player


Cartoons have always been popular. They’re a visually captivating medium. They can convey all sorts of messages and emotions. The unique art form consists of drawn figures that appear move. Cartoons have always been popular among kids. Children across the world and across cultures like to watch cartoons. This because there’s a huge array of animated content out there aimed towards kids. However, cartoons are also popular among adults, though to a lesser extent. There are quite a number of cartoon shows that air late at night. Though the may appear like they’re made for kids, they’re actually full of adult humor and jokes which make them unsuitable for children to watch.

It’s only recently that becoming a cartoonist is being seen as a viable career option. In the early days of the industry, a cartoonist’s job involved a lot of labor and effort. It wasn’t simply a matter of sitting down and drawing. It took a lot of skill and determination to work in the field. Now, technology has completely changed the landscape. It’s made it more accessible to make cartoons. Make no mistake, becoming a cartoonist still requires a lot of skill and time invested in learning and practicing.

In contrast to a cartoonist, a ping pong player is an athlete who trains day in and day out to become the best player. Many people hold on to the false belief that ping pong is a game which doesn’t require much skill to play. They believe that there’s not much depth to in its rules. They are, of course, mistaken. Ping pong requires a high degree of skill to play at competitive levels. It involves the mind and body in equal measure. The best ping pong players go on to receive gold medals at the Olympics.

Playing ping pong competitively requires meticulous training every day. Even casual players or amateurs can benefit from practicing often. Ping pong has a strong reliance on memorizing moves and building muscle memory. The finest moments of the game test reflexes and wits.

Ping pong and cartoons don’t appear to have anything in common, other than the fact that the game is sometimes showed in animated shows. However, many of the skills which one acquires when learning to become a cartoonist are equally beneficial when playing ping pong. This means that it shouldn’t be unusual to see a cartoonist as a ping pong player.

Ping pong and making cartoons both require a lot of practice. A person is required to invest several hours into either to get to a level which can be considered professional. Both are nuanced and have several special techniques attributed to them. There are some special and unique methods of shading and coloring when it comes to making cartoons. These techniques improve the look of the final product and lend it a majestic air. Whereas in ping pong, there are special servers and ways of hitting the ball back. The techniques modify the way the game is played and add depth and challenge to the game.

Both ping pong and cartoon require a good understanding of the people that are going to be on the receiving end. There a lot of table tennis equipment Choices to choose from  like the top quality bot opponent for your cartoon Drawings. In the case of cartoons, a cartoonist must think about how his drawings and art-style will be received by the audience and the public. In the case ping pong, the player is allowed to narrow his scope to just the single player that he’s facing. While ping pong requires you to get in the mind of only your opponent, you’ll have a lot less time to decipher how he’s thinking due to the fast-paced nature of the game.

Amazing Drawings Of Grilled Smokers

Grilled smokers are useful machines that serve the purpose of cooking food well. As the name suggests, these appliances cook food by grilling. The process of grilling uses the heat from the burning of coal to slowly cook meat and vegetables. Grilling is a healthy process that doesn’t require any oils and doesn’t add any extra calories.

 Burning coal can be quite hot. It can reach temperatures higher than the boiling point of water. This is pretty evident since the coal glows red hot when it reaches these high temperatures. High temperatures require ingenious designs to handle and contain them properly. Grilled smokers are pretty good at accomplishing this but needs a large space. It is important to understand while reading comparisons cause a type of smoker will affect your meal. They make high temperatures and excess heat safe to deal with. They significantly reduce the risk of accidently burning yourself.

Since they’re designed for grilling, they have a number of design optimizations geared towards this purpose. Case in point, there are a number of handy storage spots and trays on smokers where you can keep your grilling tools while you wait for food to cook on the grill. You can keep your skewers, spatula, etc. there.

If it isn’t obvious to you by now, grilled smokers are very well designed appliances that look good and function well. Most models adhere to modern design principles and look great in their own right, but the best ones are unique and high-end. They use premium materials and have classy looks.

 Words don’t do justice to the excellent design of smokers. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture can describe the general look of a smoker unit quite well. While it may convey all the details of the design, a picture is lacking in terms of the emotions it can convey. Seeing an amazing drawing of grilled smokers will make you understand how and why they’re good much faster. A drawing can communicate the intricacies of the design far better. The texture of the material used to build it, the luster of the metal parts are all better suited to be shown through a drawing. A good drawing does more than just show you what a grilled smoker is. It gives a sense of the majesty and efficiency of the design. It helps you understand the passion that some people have for grilling.

 Like any drawing, there are many aspects that define and classify a drawing as amazing. The first is shading. The quality and style of the shading can affect the general mood of the piece of art. There are many styles of shading with some being more suited to certain styles of drawing than others. Shading can vary in terms of density, color, and pattern.

 Another aspect which sets drawings apart is the quality of the lines of the drawing. Smoother lines general look more pleasing and are aesthetically conventional. When it comes to edges and curves, each effect the tone of the drawing in subtle yet perceptible ways. Sharp lines and strong angles convey a sense of danger and emergency. In contrast, smooth lines denote calmness and peace.

The best drawings of grilled smokers use all artistic tools and techniques to create something truly beautiful that is captivating and awe-inspiring.

Best marketing automation for cartoonist


A cartoonist is a creative artist who uses cartoons to drive a point. The marketing software helps them increase their target audience to grow the comedy business through various features in the marketing automation tools. Marketing automation application is the talk of marketing in the cartoon business world because of its efficiency in delivering of Email campaigns that you can track, manage and analyze their effectiveness. In addition, they are integrated with social media platforms to enhance social presence in various social media circles. The best marketing automation needs to fulfill the following conditions

It should have a package for both small, medium and large enterprises

It should support Customer Relationship Management Skills

It should help create, design and send Email campaigns to its subscribers (Check out Nathan’s company, Convertkit)

It should be integrated with your site to acts as a point of entry to get Email contacts for the database

It should have an auto-responder to build strong relationships with subscribers

There are many marketing software in the market. Some of them include Convertkit, MailChimp, Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot and the list is endless. The best marketing automation toolkit for a cartoonist depends on the number of subscribers and the features a cartoonist requires a marketing automation software apart from the basic functions. Some of the factors to consider when opting to purchase a marketing software include

 Ability to categorize Email campaigns

Not all Email campaigns are effective for all your subscribers, you should have a marketing automation software that can classify Emails based on the web page within your website you extracted the Email to help in sending customized Email campaigns (Try This vs comparison of other campaigns)


You do not have to spend so much money on an application, which will not serve you as required. A cartoonist should look for a marketing automation tool that can allow a free trial and has a pricing plan for different numbers of subscribers. MailChimp is known to have a free trial to learn the features on the interface.

Integration with social media networks

Social media networks is part of businesses and if the marketing automation kit can integrate your site with various social media platforms then that is an added advantage and be sure of increased target audience and passive marketing strategy due to its comprehensive features and ability to gain followers, likes and shares, which increases the social presence of a cartoonist.

Addition of graphical presentation features

Audio, video and other graphical features help a cartoonist to display some of his work to its subscribers as a proof of quality. Let a cartoonist go for the best marketing application with comprehensive graphical presentation features, it will be an added advantage to his business.

Automated functions

As a cartoonist, when you choose to purchase a marketing automation toolkit ensure all the functions and features are integrated on one platform and they can be profiled without causing any confusion in Email campaign communications. Otherwise, it will not serve the purpose.

There is no good or bad marketing automation software, the decision lies on the cartoonist. Let the toolkit answer the following questions for you. Will it serve the purpose? Does it have the ability to capture leads and categorize them? Will it give me value for the money invested?

Who are we?

Organizer of Passion Fairs

After the success of the organization of the commercial village of the international event Voiles de Legendes in Toulon, which brought together over 950,000 visitors, Com In Event has just acquired the rights of the Cartoonist Fair (precursor of manga shows in Europe).

We, therefore, decided to revive this concept with a brand new edition of Cartoonist which will take place on 18 and 19 April 2015 at the prestigious congress center, Le Corum, in Montpellier.

Our sales team is at your disposal for any information, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Matthieu IRLES

    References :

  • Organization of the Eco-Citizens’ Days Cannes
  • Launch of vehicles for the Audi brand – space design and technical animation
  • Opening of the IKEA store with development of an event communication strategy
  • Commercial Village Toulon Sails of Legend

See the original of this certificate.


Workshops available:

Japanese Calligraphy

Presented by an expert in the field (Isabelle Jeudy ), and world champion of cosplay in 2007 in Nagoya (Japan). Moreover, this workshop makes it possible to understand the basis of the Japanese language: ideograms and phonemes, then to attend the Preparation of the traditional material in order to try out the calligraphy and the brush.

Nail Art Japanese

This workshop allows you to familiarize yourself with the main techniques of nail art and to discover the peculiarities of the Japanese style. It is based on extensive documentation and a variety of materials.

Creating a Custom Seal

This workshop is an opportunity to compose and make your own seal very simply. Each participant will be able to choose for his / her motive a given name transcribed in Japanese or an ideogram that he likes or corresponds.

K-Pop Dance Base

Presented by a team of 4 experienced dancers, discover this musical and artistic universe more and more in vogue. In partnership with the Association Aoi Sora Cosplay.

Japanese Art

The art of the brush in Asia also applies to the painting of subjects of nature. Bamboos, fish, flowers and even human face take shape using the same brush strokes used to trace the characters of the written language. Choice of a model that each participant can train to reproduce and take with him on a calligraphy card or paper.

Cartoonist animations

Cartoonist is also a moment to share with friends or family with many activities throughout the weekend!

On the program of the animations:

The cosplay parade!

Cartoonist puts a point of honor to propose a real show of quality in a dedicated theater and a reception of the participants to measure their performances!
Rules to participate on our contest page and registration on the site of the association Yumeji.

Kayane live

Elected world champion at the EVO 2010 on Super Street Fighter IV, Kayane will be present at Cartoonist to face the bravest and courageous! She will also give a lecture on the universe of gaming.

Competitive on several games of fighting, organizer of original gaming events surrounded by seasoned and competent players, assiduous editor of specialized articles devoted to the development of combat e-sport …


Projections in the auditorium Pasteur

Thanks to our partner CrunchyRoll , enjoy the unpublished broadcast of several anime for one hour on Saturday and Sunday.

We will project Gakusei, Earth Squadron, a film with the colors of the sentai. We will also broadcast a film from the Tokustatsu universe.

Conferences with our Japanese guests

The Cartoonist Claw since its creation, the guests of honor of the event lend themselves to the game of meetings with fans at conferences

Signing session

What would Cartoonist be without his guests of honor and the famous signings sessions? This year, you will find key figures from Tokusatsu, but also French comic strip designers! The complete list is available on our guest page.

Demonstration Haidong Gumbo

The Haidong Gumdo is a martial art based

on saber techniques intended to fight several aggressors simultaneously.

The techniques are inspired by the tiger, an emblematic animal in Korea. The traditional Korean sword requires precision, concentration, breath control and power. Anchored in Korean history and traditions, the Haidong Gumdo is an opportunity to discover and better understand aspects of Korean culture that are still unrecognized.

Throughout the weekend, you will be able to witness many demonstrations thanks to the France Haidong Gumdo Association.

Karaoke tournament organized by Hadoteam

Hadoteam is a Nîmes association that offers video games, karaoke, video clips at various event shows since 2010.

Manga evening in partnership with the Gaumont cinema Montpellier

The final programming is in progress, it already includes episodes Dragon Ball Kai and One Piece.

Evening at the Headshot Bar Montpellier


The Festival Cartoonist has set up numerous contests, taken over by most of the conventions. As such, there is the famous parade of cosplay which is now a flagship animation and must of the manga festivals, organized this year by the Yumeji Association.

After first broadcasting “amateur” films like “Les Bitoman” in the 90s, Cartoonist has also set up short film competitions so that creative fans can present their projects to the public.

Our karaoke contest is replaced by the Hadoteam karaoke tournament, which will be managed by the Hadoteam association. We invite singers and challengers to read their 2 very specific rules.


Here is the list of contest rules for the 2015 edition at the Corum, Palais des congrès de Montpellier!

  • Rules Cosplay
  • Parental authorization (-16 years)
  • Drawing Contest Rules
  • Short Films Contest