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Best marketing automation for cartoonist


A cartoonist is a creative artist who uses cartoons to drive a point. The marketing software helps them increase their target audience to grow the comedy business through various features in the marketing automation tools. Marketing automation application is the talk of marketing in the cartoon business world because of its efficiency in delivering of Email campaigns that you can track, manage and analyze their effectiveness. In addition, they are integrated with social media platforms to enhance social presence in various social media circles. The best marketing automation needs to fulfill the following conditions

It should have a package for both small, medium and large enterprises

It should support Customer Relationship Management Skills

It should help create, design and send Email campaigns to its subscribers (Check out Nathan’s company, Convertkit)

It should be integrated with your site to acts as a point of entry to get Email contacts for the database

It should have an auto-responder to build strong relationships with subscribers

There are many marketing software in the market. Some of them include Convertkit, MailChimp, Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot and the list is endless. The best marketing automation toolkit for a cartoonist depends on the number of subscribers and the features a cartoonist requires a marketing automation software apart from the basic functions. Some of the factors to consider when opting to purchase a marketing software include

 Ability to categorize Email campaigns

Not all Email campaigns are effective for all your subscribers, you should have a marketing automation software that can classify Emails based on the web page within your website you extracted the Email to help in sending customized Email campaigns (Try This vs comparison of other campaigns)


You do not have to spend so much money on an application, which will not serve you as required. A cartoonist should look for a marketing automation tool that can allow a free trial and has a pricing plan for different numbers of subscribers. MailChimp is known to have a free trial to learn the features on the interface.

Integration with social media networks

Social media networks is part of businesses and if the marketing automation kit can integrate your site with various social media platforms then that is an added advantage and be sure of increased target audience and passive marketing strategy due to its comprehensive features and ability to gain followers, likes and shares, which increases the social presence of a cartoonist.

Addition of graphical presentation features

Audio, video and other graphical features help a cartoonist to display some of his work to its subscribers as a proof of quality. Let a cartoonist go for the best marketing application with comprehensive graphical presentation features, it will be an added advantage to his business.

Automated functions

As a cartoonist, when you choose to purchase a marketing automation toolkit ensure all the functions and features are integrated on one platform and they can be profiled without causing any confusion in Email campaign communications. Otherwise, it will not serve the purpose.

There is no good or bad marketing automation software, the decision lies on the cartoonist. Let the toolkit answer the following questions for you. Will it serve the purpose? Does it have the ability to capture leads and categorize them? Will it give me value for the money invested?