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Workshops available:

Japanese Calligraphy

Presented by an expert in the field (Isabelle Jeudy ), and world champion of cosplay in 2007 in Nagoya (Japan). Moreover, this workshop makes it possible to understand the basis of the Japanese language: ideograms and phonemes, then to attend the Preparation of the traditional material in order to try out the calligraphy and the brush.

Nail Art Japanese

This workshop allows you to familiarize yourself with the main techniques of nail art and to discover the peculiarities of the Japanese style. It is based on extensive documentation and a variety of materials.

Creating a Custom Seal

This workshop is an opportunity to compose and make your own seal very simply. Each participant will be able to choose for his / her motive a given name transcribed in Japanese or an ideogram that he likes or corresponds.

K-Pop Dance Base

Presented by a team of 4 experienced dancers, discover this musical and artistic universe more and more in vogue. In partnership with the Association Aoi Sora Cosplay.

Japanese Art

The art of the brush in Asia also applies to the painting of subjects of nature. Bamboos, fish, flowers and even human face take shape using the same brush strokes used to trace the characters of the written language. Choice of a model that each participant can train to reproduce and take with him on a calligraphy card or paper.