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Cartoonist animations

Cartoonist is also a moment to share with friends or family with many activities throughout the weekend!

On the program of the animations:

The cosplay parade!

Cartoonist puts a point of honor to propose a real show of quality in a dedicated theater and a reception of the participants to measure their performances!
Rules to participate on our contest page and registration on the site of the association Yumeji.

Kayane live

Elected world champion at the EVO 2010 on Super Street Fighter IV, Kayane will be present at Cartoonist to face the bravest and courageous! She will also give a lecture on the universe of gaming.

Competitive on several games of fighting, organizer of original gaming events surrounded by seasoned and competent players, assiduous editor of specialized articles devoted to the development of combat e-sport …


Projections in the auditorium Pasteur

Thanks to our partner CrunchyRoll , enjoy the unpublished broadcast of several anime for one hour on Saturday and Sunday.

We will project Gakusei, Earth Squadron, a film with the colors of the sentai. We will also broadcast a film from the Tokustatsu universe.

Conferences with our Japanese guests

The Cartoonist Claw since its creation, the guests of honor of the event lend themselves to the game of meetings with fans at conferences

Signing session

What would Cartoonist be without his guests of honor and the famous signings sessions? This year, you will find key figures from Tokusatsu, but also French comic strip designers! The complete list is available on our guest page.

Demonstration Haidong Gumbo

The Haidong Gumdo is a martial art based

on saber techniques intended to fight several aggressors simultaneously.

The techniques are inspired by the tiger, an emblematic animal in Korea. The traditional Korean sword requires precision, concentration, breath control and power. Anchored in Korean history and traditions, the Haidong Gumdo is an opportunity to discover and better understand aspects of Korean culture that are still unrecognized.

Throughout the weekend, you will be able to witness many demonstrations thanks to the France Haidong Gumdo Association.

Karaoke tournament organized by Hadoteam

Hadoteam is a Nîmes association that offers video games, karaoke, video clips at various event shows since 2010.

Manga evening in partnership with the Gaumont cinema Montpellier

The final programming is in progress, it already includes episodes Dragon Ball Kai and One Piece.

Evening at the Headshot Bar Montpellier